The Just Go Harder Foundation

The primary goal of JGHF is to create a permanent legacy scholarship for Lake Eldora Racing Team and Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures. LERT and SMBA are the programs that Timmy Duggan and Ian MacGregor began their athletic careers and gave them the skills for success in sport and in life. A permanent scholarship offsetting program fees will enable deserving kids to have the opportunity to ride and ski with the great coaches and mentors in these programs, shaping lives through sport for years to come.

The Just Go Harder Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization creating scholarships that give kids an opportunity to get involved and find mentors in the extraordinary sports of cycling and skiing. Please support the Just Go Harder Foundation through donations and Pros Closet Online Auctions. Make sure to check in with us often for latest scholarship news, events, and more ways to help.

2013 Recipients

Horizon Organic-Einstein Bros Cycling Team

Just Go Harder Foundation donates scholarship to up and coming U-23s at the Horizon Organic-Einstein Bros Cycling Team.

Lexi Van der Linden

The Just Go Harder Foundation is proud to announce our latest scholarship recipient at the Eldora Mountain Ski Club, Lexi Van der Linden.  The $500 scholarship will offset EMSC program and coaching fees to enable her to keep pursuing her dreams.  Here are a few words from Lexi about herself and her goals and ambitions.  Your story is inspiring Lexi, all the best to you this season!

The lessons learned, the obstacles overcome, the limits pushed, the goals attained…these things make up the spirit of sport. One must define success in sport based not on victories alone, but also ask the questions; did I push myself to the edge? Did I learn from my mistakes? How can I apply this to my life beyond sport? The Just Go Harder Foundation provides assistance to those pursuing the answer within themselves.

The Just Go Harder Foundation is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization that relies on fundraising and donations to offset the costs of sport and mentorship program fees.