Ian MacGregor’s Bio

DOB: April 13, 1983
Nederland, CO
Golden, CO & Girona, Spain
Strengths: Climbing, One-day Races.
Pro Since: 2005

2010 Team:

Personal information

Special interests/hobbies: Gunsmithing, reloading, shooting, hunting,
camping and all types of skiing.
Favorite movies: Braveheart.
Favorite music: Country
How did you spend the off-season? In the woods, or in a classroom.
Expectations for 2010: Be a good dependable teammate, and win some
more big races.
What you like to do when not riding? Go into the woods.
Favorite Food: Steak, and left over Chinese food.

Career Highlights

  • (2007) 1st Stage Tour de Beauce
  • (2005) 1st U.S. U-23 National Road Race Championship
  • (2005) 2nd U.S. U-23 National Criterium Championship
  • (2004) 1st U.S. U-23 National Road Race Championship



  • 1st Stage #1 Dead Dog Classic
  • 1st North Boulder Park Criterium
  • 4th Overall Dead Dog Classic
  • 8th Stage #3 Tour de Beauce


  • 1st Colorado State Road Race Championships
  • 1st Stage #2 Fitchburg Longsjo Classic
  • 2nd Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hillclimb
  • 4th Stage #5 Tour de Beauce
  • 11th Overall Tour of Mexico


  • 1st Stage #5 Tour de Beauce
  • 10th Overall International Tour de Toona


  • 4th Stazio Criterium
  • 8th Stage #3 Fitchburg Longsjo Classic
  • 9th Overall Fitchburg Longsjo Classic


  • 1st U-23 National Road Race Championships
  • 2nd Overall Andy Finch Memorial
  • 3rd Overall Excel Sports Boulder Stage Race


  • 1st U-23 National Road Race Championships
  • 1st Overall Andy Finch Memorial
  • 1st Stage #3 Tour of Shenandoah

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