Scholarship Recipients


The Just Go Harder Foundation is a youth scholarship fund that enables deserving kids to enrich their lives through mentorship and participation in cycling and skiing sports. After becoming elite level alpine ski racers before climbing the ranks of the cycling world, Timmy and Ian realized how much the opportunity to ski and ride as well as the influence of mentors and coaches have truly shaped their lives. It wasn’t free skis or cross-country trips to races that made a difference, it was simply the opportunity to enjoy sport and be around mentors who genuinely care. Cycling and skiing are unique sports in that they are both very individual sports, yet success can only happen with a strong team. Participation in these sports teaches a variety of skills that young athletes can use both in sport and for the rest of their lives. If everybody had the chance to ride or ski, to have a mentor, and to have a dream, the world would truly be a better place. The mission of the Just Go Harder Foundation is to provide dreams, goals, and a path for kids through cycling and skiing.

Past Scholarship Recipients