Ray McDermott – 2009 Recipient

The Just Go Harder scholarship program helps me get the gear and support I need to go skiing. My family can’t afford all of my gear and training fees sometimes, so when we need help, we can always rely on the scholarship to get the other things I need. Thanks to this program I can enjoy the things about skiing that I love. The vibe of the ski culture. The way to ski the deep snow and get blasted with a chill of happiness that surges through my body, and to feel the all around freedom of when you start to slide down the mountain. That is my inspiration to ski.

My skiing couldn’t have progressed if I didn’t get the coaching and experience I needed from this racing program. You work on drills and improve stance, stability, confidence, and turning. In the beginning it may seem that these little drills aren’t going to help you and that’s what I thought but as I watched myself and my teammates progress I found that everything that the coaches were doing where changing my skiing dramatically.

There is another reason that I enjoy the ski team. I enjoy meeting the other kids that like skiing as much as I do. It is something that I look forward to the whole week. I can go up on the weekends and ski instead of having to stay down here and be bored. I will be able to take what I have learned and what I will keep learning and use it for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to go skiing,
Ray McDermott

The lessons learned, the obstacles overcome, the limits pushed, the goals attained…these things make up the spirit of sport. One must define success in sport based not on victories alone, but also ask the questions; did I push myself to the edge? Did I learn from my mistakes? How can I apply this to my life beyond sport? The Just Go Harder Foundation provides assistance to those pursuing the answer within themselves.

The Just Go Harder Foundation is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization that relies on fundraising and donations to offset the costs of sport and mentorship program fees.