Dayna Larson – 2011 Recipient

Introducing Just Go Harder Scholarship winner, ski racer Dayna Larson! Congratulations to Dayna Larson, member of the Eldora Mountain Ski Club, on her nomination for the most recent Just Harder Scholarship.  A Nederland High School student, Dayna is a model athlete that uses her skills from elite sport on a daily bases to help her excel in the other areas of her life as well.  Her drive and dedication for the sport of skiing are truly impressive and it is unacceptable to see her access to the sport limited because of cost. We hope the Just Go Harder Scholarship will take some of the burden away so she can focus on her ski racing!
A little note from Dayna below…

  • I have been an EMSC athlete for 10 years and skied for 15.
  • I participate in many other things besides skiing including volleyball, soccer, track, National Honor Society and Student Council.
  • I have a GPA of 4.5, and I am taking many AP and advanced classes.
  • During the summer I trained full time at Flatirons Crossfit training gym in Boulder.
  • I am a lifeguard at the Gilpin Rec Center.
  • Last year I won High School state and hope to do it again.
  • Last year I also made J2 National in Sugarloaf, Maine.
  • sThis year I will be training six days a week, four of which will be before school.
  • Ski racing involves missing school a lot; I have worked out ways with my teachers to get the work that missed to keep my grades high through ski season.

The lessons learned, the obstacles overcome, the limits pushed, the goals attained…these things make up the spirit of sport. One must define success in sport based not on victories alone, but also ask the questions; did I push myself to the edge? Did I learn from my mistakes? How can I apply this to my life beyond sport? The Just Go Harder Foundation provides assistance to those pursuing the answer within themselves.

The Just Go Harder Foundation is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization that relies on fundraising and donations to offset the costs of sport and mentorship program fees.