13th in Time Trial Nationals

I was satisfied to be back in a race again and obtain a top 15 at the national championship. It shows me that even with minimal training, zero racing, and several months off the bike I am already well on the road to returning to my old form. It was great to see my teammates take out the win and 4 of the top 5 places.
In the race I started out 2nd to last, sandwiched between the eventual 1st and 2nd place finishers. The first two laps on the twisty undulating course went pretty well but I struggled on the final lap. The race was a good 20 min longer than the longest effort I’ve done in the last 6 months, so I really have to be realistic and be happy with what I’ve accomplished and where I’ve come from. Although I can say I was well rested, I definitely lacked that 5th gear I really need to really go for it. That really only comes from the intensity and volume of racing. At least now I know I’m not that far away and it will all come back for next year.
Be sure to watch Garmin-Chipotle’s bid for a second national championship in the road race tomorrow: championship tomorrow
Its time for a little off season for me now, and tomorrow I jet to Austin TX for a friends wedding.

Thanks for all the support from so many of you in my comeback!


  1. It was great to have you racing today! Good sign for great things to come back. :-) Congrats on a superb ride into 13th. We’ve missed you.

  2. don Keenan says:

    Great ride! 13th for your first competition back is a great sign. DK

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