2012 Just Go Harder Scholarship Recipients Announced!

We are proud to announce two 2012 Just Go Harder scholarships awarded to Jacobo Jimenez and Ellie Welshon of the Colorado High School Mountain Bike League.  The scholarships cover the training, racing, and coaching costs associated with competing for a High School Mountain Bike team for the entire season.


JGH Scholarship Recipient Ellie Welshon leads the field

Ellie , from Edgewater, CO is already an accomplished cyclist on the road but only started mountain biking this season. In fact, she won the Junior Varsity race last weekend on a borrowed bike!

Ellie Welshon began cycling after watching her brother compete in a cyclocross race at the end of cycling camp. She began racing Road and Cyclocross when she was nine. She ranked fourth at Cyclocross Nationals in 2008. She competed again in 2010, placing ninth even though she was injured during the race. She has earned the American Cycling Association Best All Around Rider and Best Cyclocross Racer many times.


In 2011 Ellie  joined the Green Mountain Composite Junior Mountain Bike Racing team. The next week Ellie raced in the Snow Mountain Ranch Stampede and did well. That was all it took to get Ellie hooked into mountain biking. The skills that Ellie brought from riding Road and Cross have given her a great basis to launch into mountain bike racing. She has learned a ton and is having a wonderful time on her mountain bike. Ellie has competed in each of the Epic Singletrack races in Winter Park this summer. She will be the overall winner in her category. More importantly, she has developed strong relationships with her team mates and other competitors.

Racing mountain bikes is a wonderful thing for Ellie. It has helped her in many ways, connecting her with interesting, supportive cyclists, given her a platform on which to continue to improve not only her biking and fitness, but her over all self confidence. She says that when she is an adult she will have a nice, small apartment so that she can afford to have nice bikes and ride them all over the world.

Ellie is a junior cycling mentor for some of the younger girls on Black Sheep Cycling, her Road and Cross team.

We hope the Just Go Harder scholarship will help her to even more successes in another area of the sport!


Jacobo, of Boulder High School, is a former recipient and has made good on his promise to continue working hard and excelling in the sport and was rewarded with another scholarship to aid in his progression.

Jacobo lunges for the line in a 2011 race

Congratulations Jacobo and Ellie! Wishing you luck on an amazing season.

Thank you for your support and donations to make these scholarships possible!

Stay tuned for another scholarship announcement for the Lake Eldora Racing Team!


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