Back on the Bike!!!

I’m spending a few weeks here in Girona with my wife and I’m really happy to say I’ve started riding outside again.  Its been great.  It has really reminded my how much I actually do love riding a bike! I’ve been taking it really easy, being super safe, going slow around corners, and riding with another person or two.  I harass everyone in town to go ride with me because its probably not too smart to be riding by myself quite yet.  But, things feel really good, and I’ve felt no strange symptoms or fatigue or anything like that.  I even did over 4 hours with some climbing the other day.  As long as I keep it upright all is good!  Also, my parents are visiting us in Girona for a bit so I can take my cycling-mad Dad out for some good rides as well.My goal for now is to come back to racing at the US National Time Trial in Greenville at the end of August.  If I can get some solid and really specific training the next 6 weeks I know I can be in it for the win.  I’m just taking things day by day and seeing what I am capable of physically.  Its kind of interesting because every day is really an experiment.  I haven’t gone hard or done any intervals, I’ll save that for when Im back in Colorado.  Ill hang out in the mountains for a while and soak up some altitude too.  In a couple weeks Ill have another MRI scan done on my brain and see what they say about that.Thanks for checkin in 


  1. nikki says

    Great to hear that you are getting some riding in. Hope you continue to take it slow and steady and don’t push too hard. We’re all still thinking about ya and continue to wish you full recovery and we’ll be here for how ever long that takes. :-)

  2. Stefan says

    Hi Timmy,

    step by step and I am sure you will be racing in Greenville.

    How about Vandevelde your team mate?! Isn’t this awesome! Just a few seconds behind the yellow jersey. And in today’s stage (10) he really showed that he is a mountain goat.

    say hello to L. and your parents

  3. Debbie says

    Hi Timmy,

    I’m glad to hear you’re up and out on your bike again. That must feel great after the long layoff! Don’t push it too hard, and I’m sure you’ll reach your goals.

    Hope to see you racing in Greenville.


  4. Rick says

    Keep going Timmy!

    So happy to hear you’re making progress on your comeback. Just show’s how great of a fit you are for slipstream: plenty of heart!

    Keep working hard, and you’ll be good as new in no time!


  5. manvinder says

    Hope your feeling better, good to hear that you have actually been training and even doing over 4 hours in one of your training rides that you did mention on your website….

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