Offseason Chronicles: New England Vacation and King of the Road Challenge

Just wrapped up an action packed but pretty fun and relaxing week in New England for a much needed vacation but also some charity work.  In whats becoming somewhat of a tradition, my wife Loren and I headed out to New England for a few days of soaking up the fall colors and chowing on some seafood on the coast.

The catalyst for this trip is the Krempels King of the Road Challenge, a beautiful cycling event put on by my friend and teammate Ted King in Portsmouth New Hampshire, raising money for the Krempels Center for Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery.

I want to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to my fundraising effort.  I surpassed my goal by raising $1,020!

Even better, the event as a whole raised $75,000 for the Krempels Center in only its second year.  Congrats, Ted, on such a huge and meaningful event.  I was proud to be a part of it again.

The day before the ride, Ted and I went to the Krempels Center to speak to the TBI survivors, their families and caretakers.  We gave a little talk about the ins and outs of bike racing.  Most of all, I really enjoyed sharing my own story of recovery from traumatic brain injury.   When I was recovering from my TBI, the thing that I got the most out of was hearing the stories of others that had gone through the same thing.  Even the most brilliant doctor can not understand what it feels like to have such an injury, and I feel an instant connection with TBI survivors I speak to.  I hope I can inspire and give hope to some that are in a difficult situation.

The next day, it was a little damp but I set out with 200+ awesome people on a spectacular route highlighting the scenery of rural New England.

Ted and I kicking off the King of the Road Challenge!!!

Check out the ride data and route on STRAVA here!!

What made it even better was the occasional rest stops stocked with some of the yummiest food imaginable, and wrapped up with a beer garden and pizza and Mexican food.

Check out the photo gallery here.

If you didnt make it this year, well, in the words of Warren Miller, “Youll only be one year older when you do.”

See you in New Hampshire in 2013! I cant wait!

After hanging out in the sunshine with a lot of new friends for a while, I headed down south to Westbrook, CT to meet up with some generous USA Cycling donors, sponsors, and supporters along with fellow Olympian Evelyn Stevens.  It was truly awesome to meet up with some of the people behind the scenes that make it possible for Evelyn and I to chase our dreams.  Without the USA Cycling Development Foundations support, our path to the top would be incredibly difficult.

Evelyn and I enjoyed sharing stories about the Olympics and about our highs and lows in the USA Cycling develpment pipeline.  On Sunday, our whole group took part in the  Vista Tour de Shores.  Again, meeting some amazing people to ride bikes for a great cause.

Let me tell you, If you want to get in back-to-back beautiful rides in the New England autumn, do these two!


But preceding all this bike riding was some serious vacation time for my wife Loren and I.  We visited with some friends on the Maine coast and Ted showed us around Portsmouth NH a bit.

We got to go out in the boat quite a bit to go fishing, exploring, and smashing against enormous waves.

Fishing off the coast of Maine. Reeling in a mackerel.

Our friend’s family has a bunch of lobster traps so we scored some sea bugs for dinner for a pretty good price…


Caught some lobstah’s for dinner!


our friends have a specially trained lobster hunting dog.

I havnt been to an NFL game since I was like, 8.  So hitting up the Patriots vs Jets game was pretty sweet.  After a good tailgating sesh before hand, we watched a nailbiter of a game that was thankfully won by the Pats.  The fans at Foxboro are pretty nuts, I wouldnt want to know what happens when they lose.  Ted almost got into a fight in the bathroom so that was fun.  Furthermore, I was relieved to find out my car wasnt stolen when I gave a sketchy dude with an orange vest my keys and 50 bucks to park my then-illegaly-parked car in the pay lot.

Im happy to inform that I got the car back.  Note…always tip sketchy dudes handling your valuables.

Enjoying a Patriots game with Pat McCarty and Ted King


And now its back home to CO and back to the grind….


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