Offseason Chronicles, Part II

The offseason continues.  Ive been pretty busy actually, packing in a lot of stuff from my offseason bucket list.

I did a whirlwind camping/mountainbiking trip out in the desert with some friends when it started snowing and being freezing cold for a couple days back in CO.  Hit up some trails in Fruita, then over to Moab where we did the Whole Enchilada.  If that ride is not on your list, it should be.  Just classic awesome mountain biking with a little bit of everything over 7,000 ft of descending from the high alpine to the desert.

Post-Whole Enchilada…


It was a nice little road trip (also on the bucket list) which consisted of high speed interstate driving, listening to country music and the presidential debate.  I also checked off Kentucky Fried Chicken, Oreos, and cheap supermarket donuts under  “Dont Need to Eat That Again for Another 51 Weeks.”


In the meantime, Ive been doing a little fire mitigation around our house with the chainsaw, getting rid of all the dry slash and stocking up on fire wood.

That was a serious core workout. Gotta keep the fam warm this winter!

Also this week, i had a wonderful opportunity to speak to a big group of realtors at the Remax Professionals conference at Keystone Resort about my experiences in elite athletics as a professional cyclist, and  how the lessons Ive learned can be applied to business.  I was really excited to meet and talk with such a great group of passionate people there!



Enjoying an iconic hot dog from Mustards Last Stand

Looking back, Ive ridden my bike (almost always my mountain bike) HALF!!! of my offseason days.  I cant resist when its fall in the mountains around here.  But nowIm really gonna start resting up because Im taking off today for New England for some more fall awesomeness but not so much bike riding.  Im saving the bike riding for the Krempels King of the Road Challenge!

More Offseason Chronicles updates from the right coast coming up soon…

thanks for checking in!


  1. Todd Beck says

    Great info on how a Pro spends the off-season. I can imagine how good the “bad” food tastes after not being able to have it most of the year. My Sister lives out in Parker, and I have XC skied the Nederland area. Great story in the “Danger” issue of VeloNews this month.. Watching the debates was a dangerous experience for all of us!

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