One Year Later

My big crash in the Tour of Georgia that gave me a traumatic brain injury and broken collarbone was a year ago today.  The doctors told me all along that they really didnt think I would really be healed fully for at least a year, so Im really glad to have reached that mark in good health.  Its funny about that year mark.  I wasnt even thinking about it but after my latest block of racing and recovery I really felt like I am pretty much back at my old self.  Even in the last race I was still relearning some things, but now I finally feel confident and prepared in even the most intense situations.  Im excited to use this feeling in my next race, the Tour of Romandie.It was a tough year but at the end of the day I am really lucky to have my career and my health back.  The support of my family, friends, and my team has been tremendous and I cant thank all of them enough.  I truly believe that you have to have the deep lows to have the big highs, and I feel like now I’m at least back to my baseline and now I have the tools to really go big. Thanks for checkin in 


  1. Go big Timmy!

  2. Timmy,
    Congratulations on an amazing comeback to you and Lauren. I wish you both the best. See you at USPRO RR.

  3. Tim-Congratulations on the 1 year mark. You are one tough bike racer!

  4. Heather Mitchell says:

    Congratulations on a spectacular comeback after sustaining such a serious head injury. I saw you and the Team pulling at the front for Tyler on Stage 5 of the Tour of Romandie on Versus channel. WOW!

  5. Lisa and I watched the Romandie coverage on Sunday. Great to see you riding strong at the front.

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