Timmy Duggan’s Bio

DOB: November 14, 1982
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Residence: Nederland, CO & Girona, Spain
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 130 lbs
Strengths: Climbing
Pro Since: 2005
2012 Team:

Personal information

Special interests/hobbies: Alpine skiing, hiking, camping, exploring, cooking,
Favorite movie: Dumb and Dumber
Favorite music: Whatever the latest Euro techno hit is…
How did you spend the off-season? Bushwacking through the mountains all day
Goals for 2012: Podium at National Championships, Greenville SC. Podiums at Tour of Utah and USA Pro Cycling Challenge
What you like to do when not riding? Hang out with my wife Loren and my dog, Karli, hike, camp, have good food and drink with friends
Favorite Food: Chipotle burritos, Glacier Ice Cream, peanut butter, wine.  Not good cycling food, I know.

Career Highlights

  • 2012 Olympic Team Member
  • 2012 USPRO National Champion
  • Multiple World Championship Appearances
  • Multiple National Championship Podiums
  • 2nd, Stage, Dauphine Libere
  • Most Aggressive Rider, USA Pro Cycling Challenge



  • 2012 USPRO National Champion
  • King of the Mountain Jersey, Vuelta Catalunya Stage 1 and 2


  • World Championship Team USA member, Copenhagen Denmark
  • Most Aggressive Rider, Stage 7, USA Pro Cycling Challenge
  • Tour of Utah, 6th Overall


  • 2nd, Stage 8 Dauphiné Libéré
  • 15th Overall Tour of Austria
  • 17th Overall, Tour of Missouri
  • 79th, World Championship Road Race, Mendriso SUI


  • 1st Stage #4 TTT Tour de Georgia
  • 2nd Overall KOM Competition Vuelta a la Comunidad Valenciana
  • (2007) 3rd USPRO Time Trial Championships


  • Colorado State Road Race Champion
  • 2nd Overall, Tour of Elk Grove
  • 3rd, USPRO National TT Championship
  • 4th Overall, Vuelta Chihuahua
  • 4th, Univest Grand Prix
  • 6th, Tour of Missouri TT
  • 17th Overall 2007 Tour de Langkawi


  • 5th Overall Volta Ciclista a Lleida (Spain)
  • 7th Stage #4b Volta Ciclista a Lleida (Spain)
  • 9th Stage #1 Volta Ciclista a Lleida (Spain)
  • 10th Stage #1 Redlands Bicycle Classic
  • 12th Stage #2 Volta Ciclista a Lleida (Spain)
  • 13th Stage #3 Volta Ciclista a Lleida (Spain)


  • 1st Stage #1 Tour of Puerto Rico
  • 4th Overall Tour of Puerto Rico
  • 14th Stage #3 TT, Route de Sud


  • 2nd U.S. U-23 National Time Trial Championship
  • 3rd U.S. U-23 National Road Race Championship
  • 4th Overall Ronde de l’Isard, Overall
  • 2nd, TTT, Rdl’Isard
  • 2nd, stage 2, Rdl’Isard

The lessons learned, the obstacles overcome, the limits pushed, the goals attained…these things make up the spirit of sport. One must define success in sport based not on victories alone, but also ask the questions; did I push myself to the edge? Did I learn from my mistakes? How can I apply this to my life beyond sport? The Just Go Harder Foundation provides assistance to those pursuing the answer within themselves.

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